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Understanding the MEP compliance standard in MS4 permitting
May 25 2018
Over the past decade, municipalities that own or operate a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) have faced a trend of expanding MS4 permits...
LID design as an erosion control solutions
May 25 2018
Today’s engineers are not just taught construction theory, shear strength and soil type. Environmental influences have become a focus of education...
Soil health & biotic soil technologies repair an abandoned mine site
May 25 2018
For 13 years, an abandoned mine in the Southeast U.S. sat partially barren. A large mining company had worked to revegetate and obtain reclamation...
Erosion control managed a storm water drainage problem
May 25 2018
Texas A&M University is experiencing a growth spurt. The university, founded in 1871 in what is now the city of College Station, Texas, has...
Considering best management practices for storm water management
May 25 2018
When it comes to storm water best management practices (BMPs), crafting and implementing sound policies to ensure they are properly evaluated,...
Discussion on storm water and WOTUS
May 25 2018
Confusion and uncertainty over what water bodies were subject to federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act (CWA) has existed for more than a...
Industry news week 5/20 for storm water and erosion control industries
May 25 2018
SWS compiled business updates on the storm water and erosion control industries: 2018 Pollution Prevention Summit The deadline is approaching for the...
Cape Town turns to water reuse as Day Zero creeps closer
May 25 2018
“We should have preempted this better.” Will van der Merwe, managing director for Water Eco Technologies & Treatment (WETT), expressed the...
SWS Managing Editor writes on women in engineering
May 25 2018
I have been on construction sites all my life. I wore my first pair of Timberland work boots and overalls at age four, and have regularly donned hard...

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Storm Water Solutions
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Other than getting rained out, you may ask, what is the connection between storm water and baseball? For many years now, the storm water industry and...
Several 2017 storm water issues are carrying over to 2018. They include implementing the U.S. EPA’s municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4)...
As I was recently doing some baking with my son, I realized just how important it is to follow a recipe precisely. Who knew exchanging salt for sugar...